So you want to become a PMP®...

So you want to become a Project Management Professional®... this is definitely a great idea: gaining PMP® certification will provide you with many professional advantages.

Career Opportunities: National and International
To possess a professional project management certification is sought after by successful companies around the world: multinational corporations are actively recruiting to attract and develop talented staff to meet their business needs.
Furthermore, in an employment environment that is becoming more competitive each year and with unemployment levels reaching new heights in many western countries, the need to have a highly visible profile and to continue to up-skill is an essential component in business today.
Certifying your competencies as a project manager will give you a professional edge over other prospective candidates. Another benefit in obtaining a PMP® certification is that it will demonstrate to your future employer that you are proactive, willing to improve yourself and ready to work hard to achieve difficult objectives.

Career Advancement and Higher Salaries
Even if you are already working as an established Project Manager, passing the PMP® exam is still an excellent career move.
To appreciate why, it is necessary to understand some of the unknown secrets of Human Resource Managers. These managers have direct responsibility to constantly monitor and identify who in the company is an outstanding performer and who has the potential to become a company “Star”.
It is crucial that these people are identified early because they will be head hunted and offered better positions and higher salaries by other companies (often competitors). The HR Manager can offer pay increases and enhance internal career prospects of an employee that the company wishes to maintain. By earning your PMP® you are showing your potential (both current and future) to your company. This is particularly true if you are in your first five years of Project Management.

Whether you want to get PMP® to land a new project management position, or you need it to increase your career prospects, this website will help you to prepare, to take and be successful in passing the PMP® exam.

Start reading our PMP® exam tips or try a sample set of PMP® exam questions.


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