Full 800+ questions PMP exam simulator

The full PMP exam simulator gives you access to one of the most advanced and up-to-date PMP exam simulator available.

Our ever-growing 800+ questions database is fully compliant with the latest 5th edition of the PMBOK® Guide.

Each question has been prepared by actual PMPs, with a relevant, multi-year experience both as PMs and trainers, current with their respective PMP certifications.

Furthermore, each question has been specifically designed to test your readiness for the PMP exam: the correct answer to each question is provided, together with an in-depth explanation and references to the PMBOK Guide and PM industry practice as well.

The full practice PM exam simulator provides you with two separate use modes: the PMP study mode and the PMP exam simulation mode.

PMP study mode: in this mode questions are grouped into single tests, each one referring to a single PMBOK knowledge area, thus closely following the PMBOK structure. This subdivision is fully compliant with Rita Mulcahy's and other PMP prep books structure as well. Each test is scored. Multiple attempts are allowed for your convenience: in order to maximize effectiveness questions and answers are automatically shuffled between attempts. Attempts scores are recorded in order to provide you with a clear feedback regarding your preparation level in each single PMP exam topic.

PMP exam simulation mode: this simulator mode provides you with four different PMP mock exams. The set of questions contained in each mock exam has been carefully balanced in order to guarantee a full coverage of the PMP exam topics and an adequate difficulty level. Each mock exam will provide you with a clear indication of your overall readiness to sit the PMP exam.

Finally, purchasing the full PMP exam simulator gives you access to the "ask the experts" forum, where you will be able to clarify outstanding doubts regarding your preparation.